Center Talassotherapy | Solário Atlântico Pool

Rua 6, 278 | 4500-368 Espinho 41°00'36.8"N 8°38'43.5"W


"Balneário Marinho" is a thalassotherapy center entirely dedicated to promote health treatments and physical well-being. 

With a swimming pool of heated seawater, this facility is also an important point for physical revitalization, with the healthy properties of Espinho's seawater being directly applied to body treatments. Our seawater is highly iodized and when combined with the perfect techniques 
of health treatments by the specialized staff, these thalassotherapy services have strong preventive and healing purposes. 

On the exterior part of this structure you can enjoy the "Solário Atlântico" pool, which has two water depths (for children and adults) directly and constantly filled with fresh seawater. 

Open only during the bathing season, it provides good familiar fun moments with water and sun for your leisure. 

Take a break and invigorate yourself with our seawater. 


 Rua 6, 278 | 4500-474 Espinho
 +351 227 344 179