City Park

Rua de ligação entre a rua da Nave e a rua de Esmojães 40°59'52.1"N 8°37'18.0"W


The City Park is 2.5 hectares large and an ecovia par excellence, next to the sports area.

It has three rails of unmatched beauty nested in the forest. The medium difficulty trail, with 2100m, recommended to practitioners of higher physical skills, provides users with good physical maintenance in an environment of very pleasant landscape nature. Two others of reduced difficulty, with a distance of 1000m, allow the beginning of sports practice and also physical exercise by children, pregnant women, the elderly and users of reduced mobility.

All circuits enjoy a landscape where the natural essence of the environment has been preserved. A bar and support facilities are at the disposal of sportsmen and connoisseurs of healthy leisure walks or exercises in pure nature. The space also offers a playground, with structures and safety equipment directed and thoroughly designed to please children.