Rua da Lomba 650, Paramos 40°58'24.5"N 8°38'28.7"W


Coastal dunes constitute an area of interaction between the continent and the ocean in Espinho region.

The permanent disposition of sand and the progressive fixation of the vegetation determine the formation of our dunes, their maintenance and consolidation, giving it stability.

The role of vegetation is essential in the formation of dunes, as the sea advances without stopping. Only a few plants manage to survive due to their adaptability and defence mechanisms.

Associated with this vegetation are some animal species, namely insects, small reptiles and some wading birds, which nest in the dunes. Besides being the "lungs" of the coast, dunes are one of the ecological and landscape riches of the region, where biodiversity is worth appreciating.

You may enter through Ecovia do Litoral, next to Costa Verde Aero Club.